Alabama HVAC Continuing Education

Our courses are approved by the Alabama Board of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors to meet your CE needs (Provider ID: 177).

Take the continuing education to renew your AL HVAC license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace Online to help you meet the state's requirements to maintain your license. Once you finish your course, we provide an official certificate of completion for your records. Learn more about our state reporting service here.


AL 2024 IMC Update Part 1

clock hour icon 4h course

This four-hour course gives HACR contractors in Alabama an overview of important provisions found in the first five chapters of the 2024 International Mechanical Code. Several topics are covered, including the scope of the code, important definitions, and ventilation and exhaust systems.

4.4 7 Reviews

AL 2021 IMC Update Part 1

clock hour icon 4h course

This course reviews and highlights essential Code requirements of the first five chapters of the International Mechanical Code (IMC). Included in the review are specific examples of the life safety systems relating to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and exhaust systems. Changes from the previous version of the IMC are identified. This course has no prerequisites.

4.6 501 Reviews

AL 2021 IMC Update Part 2

clock hour icon 4h course

This AL-approved course highlights code updates found in Sections 6-15 of the 2021 International Mechanical Code. Specific topics include duct systems, combustion air systems, chimneys and vents, fireplaces and solid fuel-burning equipment, boilers and water heaters, refrigeration systems, hydronic and fuel oil piping, and solar thermal systems. 

4.5 80 Reviews

AL 2024 IMC Update Part 2

clock hour icon 4h course

Alabama HACR contractors can take this four-hour course to finish their look at the 2024 International Mechanical Code. Lessons examine the provisions of chapters six, seven, and eight, with a special focus on changes to the 2024 edition. Several important topics are discussed, including ductwork, combustion air, and chimneys.


AL Residential HVAC System Replacements

clock hour icon 2h course

This course will review and highlight essential HVAC installation challenges with replacement systems. Included in the review will be specific examples of challenges related to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and exhaust systems, and best practices to overcome those challenges. This course will primarily concentrate on residential systems.

4.7 50 Reviews

CE Requirements to Renew an AL HVAC License

CE Requirements: 4 hours of continuing education courses must be completed every year by November 1st. 

While most of the country might know the work you do by the acronym HVAC, the state of Alabama expands your capabilities slightly by referring to their HVAC licensees as heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HACR) contractors. 

Whatever you call it, though, you can’t work on heating and cooling systems if you don’t maintain your license with the HACR Board. Here’s what you need to know to renew your HVAC license with the Alabama HACR Board each year. 

Continuing education requirements for AL HVAC contractors

Chapter 440-X-4 of the state administrative code outlines the CE requirements for HVAC contractors to maintain their licensing with the state. Specifically, all HACR contractors need four hours of continuing education each year

And although your license renewal is due at the end of the year, you can’t wait until then to finish your CE. State code mandates that you need to complete your CE by November 1 each year. This gives the Board time to check that all contractors have the hours they need before they start issuing license renewals. 

Good news for you: you can complete your hours online and your education provider can report your completion to the state for you. At that point, you just need to hold onto your certificate of completion, which you get when you finish your hours, in case the Board ever asks for it. 

Eligible CE hours

You need to check for two main things to ensure that any hours you complete will count toward your HACR license. First, make sure any hours you take come from an education provider that has been approved by the Board. 

Secondly, you need to make sure your hours teach you applicable subject matter. To renew an HVAC license, you should take Board-approved hours about heating and air conditioning or other relevant topics like the International Mechanical Code (IMC).

Carrying over extra hours

You need at least four hours each year, but you might decide to take some extra ones to make things easier on yourself next year. You can take up to eight hours in any single year and carry the four extra hours over to the next renewal cycle.

The main thing to watch here is that you need to have your hours reported in the year that you take them. 

Completing your renewal application

If you choose to take your CE hours online, you can knock them out from your home, office, or any other location that works for you. And you can chip away at the hours whenever you have time in your schedule. Just remember to get them all done by Halloween. 

From there, you can complete your renewal application online. 

State of Alabama HACR License Renewal Deadlines

  • Licensed HACR contractors must renew their license by December 31, every year.