DSPS Approved Dwelling Contractor Continuing Education provides the highest level of quality expert-driven content for licensed Wisconsin Contractors. Our online state-approved continuing education courses cover construction laws, best business practices, and Wisconsin specific codes and laws.

Our content is provided in an online format that you can complete on your desktop computer, laptop, or anywhere you take your mobile device. After going through the interactive course, follow the steps below for renewal.

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4 Hour WI Contractor Contracts, Liabilities, and Risk Management CE

clock hour icon 4h course

Understanding how to utilize contract law for risk and liability management will protect your business from unscrupulous people.

4.1 47 Reviews

Estimating and Costing

clock hour icon 2h course

This 2 hour course covers the process of estimating and job costing, and counts as two full hours of credit towards your education. 

4.0 30 Reviews

Building Exterior Shell Training and Drywall Overview

clock hour icon 2h course

This is a 2 hour course covering the process of building the exterior shell for the contractor and the basics of drywall, and counts as two full hours of credit towards your education. This class gives the reasons for building the exterior shell, as well as the process of building the exterior shell, the wall types and key components of the exterior wall, and best practice for exterior walls. The drywall portion of the course covers the basics of drywall, the installation process, best repair practices and common safety protocol relating to drywall installation.

3.9 33 Reviews

A Primer on Painting

clock hour icon 1h course

This refresher course on primer and painting is approved for an hour of continuing education in Wisconsin.

The following are examples of topics covered in this course:

  • Tools and Materials
  • Painting
  • Safety
4.3 21 Reviews

WI Rainwater Harvesting

clock hour icon 1h course

This 1 hour class provides you with a broad based introduction to every element of rainwater harvesting, including the history, the costs and benefits, and how each component of the system affects the system’s overall design and effectiveness. The class also presents some recommendations for how to get the best results for each type of system.

4.2 20 Reviews

WI Guide to Brick and Block Masonry

clock hour icon 1h course

This is a 1 hour course that details the basics of masonry for the Florida contractor, and counts as one full hour of credit towards your education. This class lists the common terms and definitions for masonry, and explains the process and basic operations for brick and block, forming a head joint, brick walls, cleaning brick, concrete masonry walls, and cleaning concrete masonry.

4.3 20 Reviews

What Are The CE Requirements for WI Dwelling Contractor Qualifiers?

  1. Licensed Dwelling Contractors must obtain 12 hours of continuing education* every two years in order to renew their license.
  2. Continuing Education must be completed no later than the day the license expires. We report your completion directly to the state.
  3. Upon completion of your course you will need to log in to the WI DSPS site to pay your fees and renew.

*As of Nov. 1, 2022, the 12-hour continuing education requirement must include four hours of material covering construction laws and codes, contracts, and liability and risk management.

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