Kentucky Plumbing Continuing Education

We are the first provider approved by the Kentucky Division of Plumbing to offer online CE. Enroll now to take your CE at your convenience and your own pace (Kentucky Division of Plumbing Provider #PLBCEP-0030). Once you finish your course, we provide an official certificate of completion for your records. Learn more about our state reporting service here.

Have multiple licenses?
Click here for a multi-trade course that provides the 6 hours of approved continuing education required for license renewal. It is designed for all Kentucky electrical contractors, hvac license holders and plumbing license holders.


KY Project Management and Safety

clock hour icon 6h course

This multi-trade course provides the 6 hours of approved continuing education required for license renewal. It is designed for all Kentucky electrical contractors, HVAC license holders and plumbers.

The course provides guidelines for project management applicable to most projects with focus towards the construction trades. Learn fundamentals to successfully complete all project requirements within the constraints of the contract. Both the tangible contractual requirements and the client expectations must be considered if we desire future work and good performance evaluations.

Also covered is important information from NFPA 70E which equips workers exposed to electrical hazards with knowledge needed to apply safety requirements. The course details the arrangement, scope, and purpose of 70E, as well as common terms and securing an electrically safe work condition.

4.3 401 Reviews

KY Graywater and POWTS

clock hour icon 2h course

This class provides a brisk and often entertaining survey of the most often cited violations and thorny plumbing areas such as cleanouts, pipe grading, corrosion, handicapped access, and customer abuse of the plumbing system. Along with a discussion of how these problems arise, the class offers tried-and-true strategies for addressing these common problem areas.

4.8 6 Reviews

KY Common Problems in Plumbing

clock hour icon 2h course

Instead of a broad survey, this class dives deep into a single topic central to the plumbing trades, including discussions of underlying principles and of best practices. It offers a comprehensive course of study on two related areas, both of which are experiencing rapid changes POWTS (Private Onsite Water Treatment Systems) and systems that reuse graywater.

5.0 5 Reviews

KY 1 Hour Rainwater Harvesting

clock hour icon 1h course

This 1 hour class provides plumbers in Kentucky with a broad based introduction to every element of rainwater harvesting, including the history, the costs and benefits, and how each component of the system affects the system's overall design and effectiveness.

The class also presents some recommendations for how to get the best results for each type of system.

Course ID: PLBCEC-30004

4.6 191 Reviews

CE Requirements to Renew a KY Master and Journeyman Plumbers License

  • In the state of Kentucky, licensed Master & Journeyman plumbers are required to have 6 total hours of continuing education.


KY plumbing license renewal is pretty straightforward, but it’s due once a year so you can’t slack on it. Here are the details you need to know to keep your Kentucky plumbing license active.


How do I renew my Kentucky plumber license?

It’s a three-step process to renew a master plumbing license in KY. The same goes for journeyman plumbers. Here are the steps to complete for KY plumbing license renewal:

#1: Complete the required KY continuing education

State code dictates that you need to take six hours of continuing education each year, whether you’re a journeyman or you want to renew a master plumbing license in KY. 

Specifically, your continuing education courses need to cover one of the following topics:

  • Business
  • The Kentucky State Plumbing Code
  • Job safety
  • Plumbing trade-specific subject matter 

You can complete this part of the KY plumbing license renewal online. In fact, you can take your courses on-demand from any computer, laptop, or mobile device. This should make getting the continuing education hours you need easy and convenient.

#2: Send in the renewal application

Once you finish your continuing education, it’s time to complete the Plumbing License Renewal Application. This one-page application is super simple and shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to fill out.

If you need to renew a master plumbing license in KY, make sure you attach your certificate of liability insurance to your renewal application. If you have employees, you’ll need to show proof of compliance with workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance laws, too. 


#3: Pay the renewal fee

Last up, make a check out to the Kentucky State Treasurer for your renewal fee.

Mail the check, the renewal application, the certificate of completion for your continuing education, and any other required documents (like your proof of insurance) to the

Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction.

To make renewal easy, complete the continuing education for your KY plumbing license renewal online. Then, make sure your completed renewal application and fee will reach the authorities by the last day of your birth month. That way, you’ll have no problems maintaining your active KY plumbing license.

State Of Kentucky Plumbing License Renewal Deadlines

  • You need to complete all of the steps of your KY plumbing license renewal by the last day of your birth month each year. If you were born January 1, your renewal is due January 31 every year. If your birthday is September 14, your renewal is due September 30 each year.
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