Utah Plumbing Continuing Education

We are approved to offer continuing education by the Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing.

Our Utah 12 hour plumbers CE course is exactly what you need to renew. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace Online to help you meet the state's requirements to maintain your license. Once you finish your course we will report the completion to the Utah DOPL. Rush reporting is available upon request, and whether regular or expedited, reporting is always free.

CE Requirements to Renew a UT Plumbers License

  • Licensed Utah plumbers are required to have 12 total hours of continuing education.
    • 8 of the hours must be on Core topics
    • 4 of the hours may be either Core or professional topics
  • Licensed plumbers are apprentice plumbers, journeyman plumbers, master plumbers, residential journeyman plumbers, and residential master plumbers.
  • All licensed plumbers must complete their continuing education by November 30, 2018.

Utah 12 Hour Plumber 2015 IPC Update CE Course

12 Hour Course $ 99.00

This 12 hour course is specifically designed for plumbers in the state of Utah. The course covers the significant changes to the 2015 IPC and reviews the Utah amendments to the model code. We then address two different topics for the elective portion of the course. The first topic is safety in the field of plumbing. Most regulations deal with new construction and fail to mention the dangers that a plumber just considers "his office". The course then ends with a discussion of the newest trends, techniques, and regulations regarding one of the oldest forms of plumbing, Rainwater Harvesting.


  • Be up-to-date on the plumbing code as it's applied in Utah.

  • Have a clearer understanding of the additional regulations that govern plumbing in the state.

  • Have been introduced to many sources for additional ongoing education; and

  • Be familiar with the best ways to find the relevant codes, regulations, and resources provided by the DOPL, DEQ, and other agencies.

UT DOPL Course #: 13561

Utah Plumbing Safety & Rainwater Harvesting (4 Hours Professional)

4 Hour Course $ 40.00

This course is designed to give a Plumbing License holder 4 hours of Professional Credit Hours. The course covers safety in the field of plumbing and rainwater harvesting techniques. The course will address topics such as:

  • Hazardous Substances & Environmental Risks

  • Physical Hazards

  • Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Components of a Rainwater Catchment System

Utah 2015 IPC: Chapters 1-9 (4 Hours Code)

4 Hour Course $ 40.00

This course counts as 4 hours of Code credit and deals with the first 9 chapters of the 2015 IPC model code. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

  • General Regulations

  • Water Supply & Distribution

  • Structural Safety

Utah 2015 IPC: Chapters 10-15 & UT Amendments (4 Hours Code)

4 Hour Course $ 40.00

This course will meet 4 hours of Code credit to help you renew your Utah Plumbing License. In this course we cover changes to the last half of the model code and the UT amendments to the entire model code. Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Traps, Interceptors, and Separators

  • Green Plumbing Practices

  • Amendments to the 2015 IPC for UT Plumbers

Utah 2015 IPC: UT Amendments Edition (2 Hours of Code)

2 Hour Course $ 20.00

This course is just for Utah Plumbers and discusses amendments that the state board has made to the 2015 IPC model code. In this course we will cover amendments such as:

  • Gray Water Handling

  • Max Flow & Water Consumption

  • Rainwater Harvesting Regulations