Alaska 8 Hour 2015 IMC CE Course

  • 8 Hour Course
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This class is designed to fulfill the entire eight hours of continuing education need to renew an Alaska HVAC Administrator's license. Topics covered include:

  • Alaska licensing rules
  • The history & organization of the International Mechanical Code (IMC) 
  • How each Alaska amendment alters the model IMC as it's adopted for the state
  • Significant Changes to the 2015 IMC Exhaust Systems, Ventilation & Ducts, including Domestic Kitchen Exhaust Systems in Multi-Story Buildings, Air Balance, Hazardous Exhaust Systems, Return Air Openings, Pressure Equalization, Type I Hoods (Where Required, Plenum Construction, & Changes to the Table on Outdoor Airflow Rate 
  • Key Revisions to IMC provisions on Confined Spaces, Fall-Arresting Restraint Systems, Evaporators and Cooling Coils, Drain Line Maintenance, Prevention of Grease Accumulation in Grease Ducts & Grease Reservoirs,) & Joints, Seams and Connections,
  • The latest developments on IMC codes related to Ceiling Radiation and Smoke Dampers, Refrigeration, Hydronic Piping, and Geothermal HVAC
  • A brief review of relevant changes made to Chapter 5 in the prior edition of the IMC (2012), including Independent Exhaust System, Storage Battery Systems; Domestic Kitchen Exhaust Systems, ERVs, and Grease Ducts, Reservoirs, Cleanouts and Openings
  • Course ID(s): 18652
  • Approved By: AK Department of Commerce, Professional Licensing

Instructor Bio

Dan Whaley Profile Image

Dan Whaley, was trained in HVAC in the Air Force where he spent eight years after high school. His time in the Air Force gave him the opportunity to do everything from repairs of advanced systems to planning the development and implementation of preventative maintenance programs that were used in over 250 facilities.Dan is currently a Lead Technician for a one million square foot, 300+ bed medical hospital.

Since 2010 Dan has been an instructor with At Your Pace Online overseeing the development and class delivery of every HVAC offering that we have. The courses that Dan instructs have been used by tens of thousands of HVAC technicians, including many where online education had not previously been allowed.

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