California Electrician Continuing Education

Our California electrical CE courses are approved to satisfy your continuing education requirements. Our company is registered as 1 Attempt (At Your Pace Online) with the ECU.

Complete the continuing education to renew your CA electricians license today. All of our courses include the most current 2017 NEC code content, and can be completed At Your Pace Online to help you meet the state's requirements. Once you finish your class you will have an official certificate of completion to save for your records.


California 32 Hour 2017 NEC Review

clock hour icon 32h course

This California DIR (ECU) approved 32 hour electrical course will satisfy all state requirements. It includes:

  • Changes to the 2017 NEC
  • High-Voltage Safety - Arc-Flash Hazard
  • OSHA 1926
  • Liability & Risk Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Professionalism Concepts
  • Business Contracts
4.7 1877 Reviews

California 32 Hour Fire/Life Safety 2017 NEC

clock hour icon 32h course

This California DIR (ECU) approved 32 hour electrical course will satisfy all state requirements. It is focused on fire/life safety and includes:

  • Changes to the 2017
  • National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code 
  • OSHA 1926
  • Liability & Risk Management 
  • Marketing & Sales 
  • Professionalism Concepts
  • Business Contracts
4.6 510 Reviews

California 16 Hour 2017 NEC Review

clock hour icon 16h course

This 16 hour course will cover the significant changes to Chapters 1-5 & 7 of the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC). As with every code there will multiple changes that need to be addressed such as:

  • New Articles for the 2017 NEC
  • Critical Changes for wiring materials and protective devices
  • Safe & Reliable Installation of Equipment for General Use
  • Provisions for "Special Conditions" in Chapter 7
4.7 62 Reviews

California Electrician Business (8 Hours)

clock hour icon 8h course

This electrical course is approved by the California DIR (ECU) and will satisfy all state requirements. It includes:

  • Liability & Risk Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Professionalism Concepts


4.8 43 Reviews

California 8 Hour 2017 NEC Review

clock hour icon 8h course

This online training course is for California Electrician continuing education.

Our 8 hour course examines changes to the National Electrical Code from 2014 to 2017 (8 Hours).

Our online electrical course is approved by the California DIR (ECU). This course will satisfy all state requirements.

4.5 55 Reviews

California Electrical License Renewal CE Requirements and Deadline Summary

  • In the state of California, electricians are required to obtain 32 hours of electrical continuing education.
  • CE is required every 3 years prior to license renewal.
  • Electricians need to have worked 2,000 hours during the renewal period.

While other states differentiate between electrical licenses via the “journeyman” and “master” designations, the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) handles things differently. Here, you might be a general electrician (the closest to a master electrician in other states), a residential electrician, a fire/life/safety technician, a voice data video technician, or a non-residential lighting technician. No matter which certification you hold, though, you’re still subject to the DIR’s renewal requirements.

Your California electrician certification renewal timeline

As we just mentioned, your California electrician certification is good for three years. Keep an eye on that expiration date, though, since the timing can get away from you with the long lag between renewal dates. We recommend putting a recurring reminder on your calendar to start your renewal process at least a month before your certification expires. 

If you want to get a jump on renewal early, you can. In fact, the State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) says you can renew up to 1 year prior to [the] expiration date as long as your 32 hours of continuing education is completed. (More on the required continuing education in a moment.) 

The DIR also cautions that you might not get a reminder notice so it’s up to you to stay on top of your process. Look at your certification card, find your expiration date, and write it down so you don’t miss your mark. If you do, your renewal fee doubles from $100 to $200 and you have to retake the certification exam. 


The CA electrical certification renewal process for the following types of electrical licenses:

Residential Electrician, Fire/Life/Safety, Voice Data Video (VDV), Certified General Electrician, Certified General Contractor, C-10 Contractor, Lighting Technician, and

General Electrician

Complete 32 hours of continuing education

Before you can renew, you need to finish 32 hours of continuing education in the category relevant to your certification. You don’t necessarily need to go to a classroom to take these hours, fortunately. The DIR has approved specific providers, including TradesmanCE, where you can take your CEU online.

 Make sure you take your hours from a DIR-approved provider or they won’t count toward your renewal. When you consider a provider, check for approval (for example, scroll to the bottom of this page to see the approval letter from the DIR). 

When you finish your hours, your provider issues you a Certificate of Completion. Use this as proof you’ve finished your hours when you submit your renewal. 


Work the required number of hours

In order to renew, you need to have worked at least 2,000 hours in the industry in the last three years. But at just 50 full-time work weeks, you should easily cover that base if you regularly work as an electrician.


Complete your renewal application

Once your hours are finished, you can complete the one-page Renewal Application for Electrician Certification. It’s a fairly straightforward form. You just need to fill in your basic personal information and check a few boxes and you’re good to go. 


Pay your renewal fee

When you send in your renewal form, send in the renewal fee, too. It’s $100 and you can make your check or money order out to “DIR - Electrician Certification Fund.” 

 Complete those four steps and send in your renewal form before your certificate expires. When you do, you’ll have no trouble keeping your California electrician certification current. 


'Why should I care about maintaining my California electrician certification? Can’t I just renew it after it expires?'

You can renew your certification if it expires, but you’ll have to take the certification exam again. And the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement’s Electrician Certification Unit (ECU) recently (in 2020) released a report showcasing some telling statistics about that exam. 

Between January 1 and August 7, 2019, the ECU had over 10,000 people apply for certification as an electrician. Even so, only about half of them were authorized to take the certification exam that you need to become a card-carrying electrician. That’s because there are requirements you need to meet to be approved to take that exam, including a minimum number of hours of experience in the industry.

So, already, only about half of people are getting through the first phase of getting their electrical certification or renewing an expired certification without a hiccup. And the 5,000+ people who were approved to take their exam still have to schedule it and pass it. And with only 3,650 of 5,323 authorized exams in the first 7+ months of the year, scheduling seems to be a challenge. 

But that’s not the hardest part. The statistics show that passing the exam doesn’t come easy. Of the 3,650 exams taken, only 1,509 people have passed. There’s an average pass rate across all exams of just 41%. And some specific types of certification exams seem to be even more challenge. The residential certification exam pass rate is only 28%. 

Clearly, renewing your electrician certification once it’s expired isn’t an easy process. If you have yours and it’s active, keeping it that way saves you the stress and hassle of having to retake the certification exam.

And on top of all that, the fee to retake the exam and renew your expired certification is $200. That’s double the $100 renewal fee if you keep your card active. 

Clearly, it’s worth renewing your card before it expires.


California State Approval Letters

Image result for state of california seal

State of California 

Department of Industrial Relations

Electrician Certification Unit

Tel: (510) 286-3900 Fax: (510) 286-3917


December 29, 2017


1Attempt/At Your Pace Online, LLC

Attn: Ryan Imel, AYPO Programs Department 

1383 2nd Avenue

Gold Hill, OR 97525

RE: Letter of Approval for as an Approved Continuing Education Provider for Electrician Certification in California. 

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to confirm that 1 Attempt/At Your Pace Online, LLC is an approved continuing education provider for Electrician Certification in California. 

This provider is contracted with Cerritos College who will act as their Local Education Agency (LEA) in California as required by California las and regulations as defined below under CCR Title 8 Regulations 290.1:

Educational Provider is a community college or public school district or public educational institution, or a state-licensed private post-secondary institution under contract with a public educational institution, community college or public school district, or a private postsecondary educational institution approved or registered by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. 

Under this regulation, this provider has met the requirements under contract with a community college who has reviewed and approved their curriculum in partnership for providing continuing education courses. Approved continuing education providers are listed on our main webiste at Under Continuing Education Providers for Certification link. 

Should you have any questions, please contact our office at (510) 286-3900



Luisa Martinez

Electrician Certification Manager