Florida 1 Hour 2020 Advanced Building Code

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This class provides the one-hour advance module course CE approved by the FBC or the Board necessary to renew your license. It covers the significant revisions made to the 2018 IRC when it was adopted as the 2020 FBC-R as selected by the FBC in the Analysis of Changes for the 7th Edition (2020) of the Florida Building Code-Residential.

Course Outline:  

  • R301.2.1.1 Wind design required
  • Table R301.2(2) Component and Cladding Loads for a Building with a Mean Roof Height of 30 feet Located in Exposure B & Table R301.2(3) Height and Exposure Adjustment Coefficients for Table R301.2(2) & Figure R301.2(4)
  • R322.1.6 Protection of mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems
  • R502.2 through R502.10 Wood floor framing
  • R602.3 through R602.12.8 Wood wall framing
  • R606.6.4 through R606. Lateral support of masonry R606.6.4 Lateral support of masonry
  • New Section R704 Soffits
  • R802.3, R802.4, R802.5, R802.8, R802.11 Prescriptive provisions for construction of wood frame roofs
  • R803.2.2 Allowable spans (roof sheathing) & New Table R803.2.2 Minimum Roof Sheathing Thickness
  • R803.2.3.1 Sheathing Fastenings & New Table R803.2.3.1 Roof Sheathing Attachment
  • R804 Cold-Formed Steel Roof Framing
  • R905.1.1 Underlayment & Table R905.1.1 Underlayment Table & New Table R905.1.1.1 Underlayment with Self-Adhering Strips Over Roof Deck Joints
  • New Section R905.4.4.1 Wind resistance of metal roof shingles & New Table R905.4.4.1 Classification of Metal Roof Shingles Tested in Accordance with ASTM D3161
  • R905.17.1 Wind resistance (photovoltaic systems)
  • R908.7 Wind mitigation; R908.7.1 Roof decking attachment for site-built single-family residential structures & R908.7.2 Roof secondary water barrier for site-built single-family residential structures; R908.8 Roof-to-wall connections (mitigation)
  • M1502.4.2 Duct installation
  • 1507.3.3 Mechanical ventilation rate
  • P3009 Subsurface Landscape Irrigation Systems
  • Chapters 34 through 43 Electrical
  • Appendix Q Tiny Houses
  • Course ID(s): 0613852
  • Approved By: Florida DBPR

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