FL Electrical Safety (NFPA 70E 2021)

  • 1 Hour Course
  • $29.00

After completing this safety HVAC continuing education course for Florida, the licensee should be able to:

  • Define the purpose, scope, and arrangement of the NFPA 70E.
  • List employer and employee responsibilities for maintaining compliance with the NFPA 70E.
  • Recognize a qualified person on the jobsite.
  • List safety requirements for contracted employees on a jobsite.
  • Describe testing and troubleshooting procedures on a jobsite.
  • Explain how to perform visual inspections of testing tools and equipment.
  • Explain equipment handling and storage procedures.
  • Recognize danger when working with equipment in wet and conductive areas.
  • Describe required GFCI and AFCI protection.
  • Explain lockout/tagout procedures.
  • List the eight steps for verifying an electrically safe working condition.
  • Course ID(s): 0614434
  • Approved By: Florida DBPR

Instructor Bio


Reggie Hucks is an Inspection Services Administrator for High Point, NC. He has also served as the Code Administrator for Brunswick County and is a Level 3 Mechanical, Building, and Plumbing Inspector. He also is a certified mechanical contractor in North Carolina.