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This course presents every significant change made to Chapter 5 in the 2020 National Electrical Code® (NEC-2020). This is an extremely complex Chapter, generally considered the most difficult to master. It governs situations requiring special electrical precautions due to hazardous substances, critical services being provided, or higher risks to the public and other users. This class presents 30 significant changes to Chapter 5, including revised codes on Isolated Ground Receptacles, GFP, Battery Systems, and the Life Safety and Critical Branches of Healthcare Facilities. The class concludes by reviewing changes made to Chapter 6 through Article 620. This part of this Chapter includes some of the most specialized types of equipment to be found in Chapter 6 related to elevators, electric signs, and wiring for office cubicles. 

The class begins with 5 changes to the Articles on Hazardous (Classified) Locations, including Combustible Gas Detection Systems; New Protection Techniques for Equipment, Type TC-ER-HL and Type P Cable; and Table 505.9(C)(2)(4) for Zone 0, 1, and 2 Locations. Some of the other code revisions (or newly added codes) involve:

  • GFCI in Commercial Garages;
  • Circuit Disconnects in Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities;
  • Hard Usage Cords in Theaters,
  • A new Part II in Article 545 on "Relocatable Structures";
  • GFCI Protection and Service Distribution Points for Agricultural Buildings;
  • Receptacles for Manufactured Home and Reverse Polarity Devices for RVs;
  • Bonding of Non-Current-Carrying Metal Parts, GFCI, and GFPE for Docks and Houseboats;
  • A new Part III to Article 555 on Floating Buildings; and
  • OCPD and a new Exception for Splices in Temporary Installations.

We finish with a look at 8 changes made to the first five Articles in Chapter 6: five to Article 600 [Electric Signs and Outline Lighting]; two to Article 620 [Elevators, Dumbwaiters, Escalators, Moving Walks, Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts]; and a change to the Scope of What’s Covered and Not Covered for Office Furnishings. 

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Charles "Chuck" Price is At Your Pace Online's Subject Matter Expert for the Electrical Trade. He started out in grocery management at the age of 18 and after 5 years decided to venture into the electrical trade in 1996. He served his apprenticeship and quickly became a foreman running work. He gained experience in many facets of the trade such as working on traffic signals, hospitals and healthcare buildings, waste water treatment plants, and many commercial applications including telecommunications data centers. He currently is working for the area's largest healthcare system.
One of his passions is working with kids - and that starts with his own two boys! He has coached youth football and basketball at several levels and is part of a men's organization that raises money for the youth as well. He is a leader in the local 4-H group, helping kids learn about animal science. All in all, Chuck focuses on being the best father he can be, while maintaining a firm grasp on the ever-changing electrical industry.

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