IA 2021 IMC Update Part 2

  • 4 Hour Course
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This Iowa Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board-approved course covers essential requirements found in Sections 6-15 of the 2021 International Mechanical Code (IMC). It also identifies changes from the previous IMC version. After completing the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe approved materials and methods used for installing supply, return, and exhaust air duct systems. 
  • List design, installation, and maintenance requirements for different types of chimney and vent systems. 
  • Describe minimum construction and performance standards for fireplaces and solid fuel-burning equipment. 
  • Explain regulations concerning proper installation of boilers, water heaters, and pressure vessels. 
  • List design, installation, and operation requirements for refrigeration systems. 
  • Describe provisions for the installation and repair of piping used in building space conditioning systems. 
  • Explain regulations for the design and installation of above-ground and underground fuel oil storage and piping systems.
  • Approved By: Iowa Plumbing and Mechanic Systems Board Division

Instructor Bio


Reggie Hucks is an Inspection Services Administrator for High Point, NC. He has also served as the Code Administrator for Brunswick County and is a Level 3 Mechanical, Building, and Plumbing Inspector. He also is a certified mechanical contractor in North Carolina.

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