IA 2024 IMC Update Part 2

  • 4 Hour Course
  • $49.00

This course gives Iowa HVAC professionals four hours of education on chapters six through eight of the International Mechanical Code (IMC). The purpose of this course, which is approved by the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanic Systems Board Division, is to familiarize students with the changes found in the 2024 IMC edition.

Students who finish this course will understand the following topics: 

  • Chapter 6: Duct Systems 
    • This segment examines regulations applicable to ducts and other related topics, including plenums, air filters, and transfer openings. 
  • Chapter 7: Combustion Air 
    • This segment covers the general regulations dealing with combustion air. 
  • Chapter 8: Chimneys and Vents 
    • This segment explores the regulations governing chimneys and associated vents.
  • Approved By: Iowa Plumbing and Mechanic Systems Board Division

Instructor Bio


Reggie Hucks is an Inspection Services Administrator for High Point, NC. He has also served as the Code Administrator for Brunswick County and is a Level 3 Mechanical, Building, and Plumbing Inspector. He also is a certified mechanical contractor in North Carolina.