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3 Hour Course

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In this 3-hour plumber safety course, we’ll talk about the types of risks you’ll encounter in your work, and how to handle them. We’ll begin with a review of OSHA standards, and why they are necessary - and since a safe workplace is everyone’s responsibility, we’ll review general safety rules for plumbers. We’ll also talk about measures to ensure the safety of consumers and bystanders as you’re performing your work.

A variety of workplace dangers will be covered, including hazardous substances like lead, asbestos, and mold, as well as flammable materials, and physical hazards. We’ll also review the steps of mold remediation.

  • Safety Practices
    • Initial Camera Checkpoint
    • Plumber Safety [9 Activities]
      • 01. Introduction (Video)
      • 02. Overview of Work
      • 03. Hazardous Substances or Environmental Risks
      • 04. Flammable or Combustible Material
      • 05. Physical Hazards (Video)
      • 06. Physical Strains
      • 07. Physical Hazards
      • 08. Review
      • 09. Conclusion (Video)
  • Course Completion
    • Camera Checkpoint 2
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Completion

Instructor Bio

Chris D'Amato Profile Image
Chris D'Amato is the instructor and industry expert for Plumbing Trade Courses. With over 25 years experience, he has held a Journeyman Plumbing license since 2001 performing all aspects of plumbing in new construction, light commercial, remodels and service. Chris manages his own multifaceted plumbing shop coordinating a wide range of services from Property Management accounts to plumbing whole subdivisions and providing services to large living facilities for the the State of Oregon. In his tenure at AYPO he has helped thousands of plumbing licensees keep up with their continuing education requirements.

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