Kansas 6 Hr CE Class: Changes to the 2015 UPC


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In this 6-hour course, we’ll cover the most significant changes to the UPC that Kansas plumbers need to be familiar with. This includes updates to the administration and definitions of the code, as well as the changes made to specific chapters.

In general regulations, we’ll address minimum standards for the materials used in plumbing construction and repair, and we’ll cover some alternate materials and methods that may be used. The chapter will also cover working in flood hazard areas, handling wastes, and preventative measures to ensure the functionality of a plumbed system.

Chapter 5 will address working with water heaters. This includes inspection requirements, safety devices, and various types of water heaters, as well as instruction for installing water heaters in special locations.

Finally, we’ll talk about the requirements for sanitary drainage, necessary for certain facilities, as well as indirect wastes from operations such as food, beverage, and bar establishments. We’ll close with a discussion of how these changes affect plumbers and their work.

  • The Uniform Plumbing Code
    • Initial Camera Checkpoint
    • 2015 UPC Update - Part 1 [7 Activities]
      • 01. The 2015 IAPMO/ANSI Uniform Plumbing Code
      • 02. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter One: Administration
      • 03. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Two: Definitions
      • 04. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Three: General Regulations
      • 05. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Four: Plumbing Fixtures & Fixture Fittings
      • 06. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Five: Water Heaters
      • 07. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Six: Water Supply and Distribution
    • Camera Checkpoint
    • 2015 UPC Update - Part 2 [5 Activities]
      • 01. 2015 Code Changes: Chapters Seven (Sanitary Drainage) and Eight (Indirect Wastes)
      • 02. 2015 Code Changes: Chapters Nine (Vents); Ten (Traps and Interceptors); & Eleven (Storm Drainage)
      • 03. 2015 Code Changes: Chapters Twelve (Fuel Gas Piping); Thirteen (Health Care Facilities and Medical Gas and Medical Vacuum Systems); & Fourteen (Firestop Protection)
      • 04. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Fifteen Alternate Water Sources for Nonpotable Applications
      • 05. 2015 Code Changes: Chapter Sixteen Nonpotable Rainwater Catchment Systems
    • Final Camera Checkpoint
  • Course Completion
    • Mandatory Questionnaire
    • Certificate of Completion

Instructor Bio

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Chris D'Amato is the instructor and industry expert for Plumbing Trade Courses. With over 25 years experience, he has held a Journeyman Plumbing license since 2001 performing all aspects of plumbing in new construction, light commercial, remodels and service. Chris manages his own multifaceted plumbing shop coordinating a wide range of services from Property Management accounts to plumbing whole subdivisions and providing services to large living facilities for the the State of Oregon. In his tenure at AYPO he has helped thousands of plumbing licensees keep up with their continuing education requirements.

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August 23rd, 2018
Very educational course

December 6th, 2018
I was surprised at the level of detail and explanation provided with each instance of code change. Some more relevant graphics or diagrams may have increased the overall value of the class.

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