Kentucky 6 Hour 2018 IMC HVAC CE

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The Kentucky 6 Hour 2018 IMC HVAC CE Course is a great way to receive information about recent changes in the codes that are essential to the working HVAC professional in Kentucky.

In this course, we will be looking specifically at the updates to Chapters 3, 4, and 9 through 14.

  • In Chapter 3, General Regulations, students learn about changes made to such areas as confined space requirements and changes in fall arrestor requirements.
  • Chapter 4 on Ventilation Requirements has significant changes in the area of outdoor airflow rates.
  • In exploring Chapters 9 and 10, we will look at sections dealing with fireplaces, high-volume, large-diameter fans, safety and relief valve discharge, and expansion tanks.
  • Chapter 11 of IMC governs all things refrigeration, and we will be looking at changes made to the code as well as the history of refrigeration and refrigeration phaseouts.
  • The next section of the course looks at Chapters 12 through 14. The HVAC pro will review changes made in areas from hydronic piping, to fuel oil piping, to solar systems.
  • For the final phase of the course, the HVAC pro will be able to examine changes made to the Kentucky Building Code and the Kentucky Residential Codes in order to be more closely aligned with the IMC.

During the six hour course there will be several quizzes inserted in the course that will help to test the student’s understanding of the subject more immediately.


  • Approved By: Kentucky Dept. of Housing and Building

Instructor Bio

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Dan Whaley, was trained in HVAC in the Air Force where he spent eight years after high school. His time in the Air Force gave him the opportunity to do everything from repairs of advanced systems to planning the development and implementation of preventative maintenance programs that were used in over 250 facilities.Dan is currently a Lead Technician for a one million square foot, 300+ bed medical hospital.

Since 2010 Dan has been an instructor with At Your Pace Online overseeing the development and class delivery of every HVAC offering that we have. The courses that Dan instructs have been used by tens of thousands of HVAC technicians, including many where online education had not previously been allowed.

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