KY 6-Hour Package for HVAC Licensees

  • 6 Hour Course
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Get all 6 required hours with this online package for Kentucky.

At course completion, participants will:

  • Describe the scope, application, and the legal severability of the International Mechanical Code.
  • Describe the preferred method of condensate disposal.
  • List the occupancies where mechanical ventilation is required.
  • Explain how minimum demand controlled ventilation rates are calculated.
  • Describe the exhaust requirements for manicure and pedicures stations.
  • Describe the appropriate location for exhaust duct terminations.
  • Describe grease duct slope requirements for factory-built grease ducts and square field fabricated systems.
  • Explain how a type I grease hood over a smoker oven can be used to vent all combustion products.
  • Describe the necessary clearance to combustible construction for listed hoods.
  • List the prohibitive applications and Exception for energy recovery ventilators (ERVs).
  • Understand some design and installation best practices when installing residential mechanical replacement systems.
  • Approved By: Kentucky Dept. of Housing and Building

Instructor Bio


Reggie Hucks is an Inspection Services Administrator for High Point, NC. He has also served as the Code Administrator for Brunswick County and is a Level 3 Mechanical, Building, and Plumbing Inspector. He also is a certified mechanical contractor in North Carolina.

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