KY Project Management and Safety

  • 6 Hour Course
  • 4.3 451 Reviews
  • $99.00

The course is approved for Kentucky electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians.

Topics covered include:

  • guidelines for project management applicable to most projects with focus towards the construction trades,
  • fundamentals to successfully complete all project requirements within the constraints of the contract,
  • tangible contractual requirements and the client expectations,
  • important information from NFPA 70E which equips workers exposed to electrical hazards with knowledge needed to apply safety requirements,
  • the arrangement, scope, and purpose of 70E, as well as common terms, and
  • securing an electrically safe work condition.
  • Approved By: Kentucky Division of Plumbing

Instructor Bio

Randy Drake Profile

Randy Drake is a licensed, master plumber with over 32 years' experience in the industry. He founded a plumbing business in 1993 which he successfully sold in 2013. He currently works for a plumbing company based in Traverse City, Michigan.

Course Reviews

451 Reviews