Louisiana 6 Hour: Getting the Roof Over Your Head

  • 6 Hour Course
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The course is made up of six hours of continuing education content intended for contractors in Louisiana.

A Drywall Overview (1 Hour)

In this segment, students will learn what exactly drywall consists of and what it is used for, along with a short history. Students will be able to tell the difference between types of drywall. In addition, students will learn which tools, fasteners, and methods are used during drywall installation, how to best repair drywall damage, and how to successfully utilize drywall safety procedures.

A Guide to Brick Block and Masonry (2.5 Hours)

In this segment, a student will cover several topics including the proper definition and usage of many common masonry terms, the proper way to perform a variety important masonry functions, and the main types of concrete and brick walls.

Additionally, the student will learn the importance of post construction cleaning and how to match the correct method with the correct wall type.

A B C’s of Roof Maintenance and Repair (2.5 Hours)

This segment will teach students about the different types of damage roofs face.

This segment examines the common maintenance and repair concerns for different roofing materials.

Lastly, this segment talks about how the different types of roofing materials affect each other for a re-roofing project.

  • Approved By: Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

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Mike Melvin, owner of At Your Pace Online, LLC, is the instructor and industry expert for many of our courses. Mike has owned, operated, and worked for numerous construction companies. Mike's relevant construction experience includes framing, concrete construction, foundations, and roofing. As the current owner and an approved lead instructor for At Your Pace Online, he teaches multiple courses pertaining to construction and business. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, Mike combines his proven understanding of teaching online education with the practical and academic industry knowledge needed by our students, to allow them to complete their courses and get back to the job site.

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