Massachusetts 2 Hour Building Code Review

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This course gives the Massachusetts contractor 2 credit hours towards the renewal of their Construction Supervisor License. In the course, we focus on the state amendments to the 2015 International Building Code, as adopted in the 9th edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code, Base Volume.

The class begins with an overview of the codes and amendments used statewide in Massachusetts, including how they are organized, applied, and used. We also go over the adoption of the 9th edition, as well as the model codes for this edition of the MSBC.

After that, we get an overview of the 9th edition of the MSBC, including the scope of the Base Volume. We also cover the history of energy code adoption in the state, and begin our coverage of the amendments to the 2015 IBC, going through Chapters 1-3.

Next, we cover the amendments to Chapter 4 of the IBC, focusing especially on the four new sections added in the 9th edition: 

  • Bulk Merchandising Retail Buildings
  • Motion Picture and Television Production
  • Summer Camps for Children
  • Nightclubs

In the final portion of the course, we cover a selection of the amendments made to Chapters 9-18 of the IBC. We go over specific amendments, what chapters were removed from the MSBC, and other important changes the Massachusetts contractor must be familiar with.

After each section, 5 questions will be presented in order to test you on the material we've covered. Once the course is finished, there will be a final exam of 20 questions. After you finish the exam, you'll be 2 hours closer to renewing your license, all at your own pace!

  • Approved By: Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure

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