Free Parking, No Food or coffee provided.

*****Very Important Notes on GPS and Entrance to Building Unite Safety Net, 52A-D Cummings Park Road, 2nd Floor, Woburn, MA 01801*****:   

1.) Use 52 Cummings Park Road, Woburn, MA 01801 for your GPS.  The entrance for 52 is easily identifiable by a large glass facade.  However this glass entrance is not the entrance for 52A-D.   

2.) While looking at the glass facade, drive around the corner to your left.     

3.) 52A-D is a plain and simple door that is clearly marked 52A-D.   

4.) Park there, enter through that plain door, and immediately walk up the stairs.   

5.) The United Safety Net classroom is immediately at the top of the stairs and is clearly marked.   

Final note:  52A-D is very close to the glass facade entrance.  You could walk around the corner in 30 seconds.  But please note that you cannot access the classroom from the glass facade door.  Do not enter through the glass facade.

Instructor Bio

Steven St. Laurent Profile Image

Steven St. Laurent is an OSHA-Authorized Outreach Trainer and First Aid/CPR/AED trainer with nearly 15 years of classroom experience. Steven is known for conducting safety training that “doesn’t bore people to death in English and Spanish!”
Before becoming a Safety Trainer/Consultant in 2007, Steven worked in a variety of project environments across the US and Mexico as a Mechanical Engineer. Those experiences include working as an Energy Engineer for three international companies, and as a Field Engineer working in New England on energy system upgrade projects.

Steven’s training covers the following:
-Residential Construction
-Facilities, Power Plants
-Engineering/Management in Commercial Construction
-Confined Spaces, Lockout, Fall Protection, (Harnesses), Lifts, Ladders, Respirators, PPE

Steven’s main goal with his training courses is to create a positive safety culture by challenging and persuading people to put safety into practice at work, at home and on the road.