Minnesota 4 Hour Energy and 2020 NEC for Plumbers

  • 4 Hour Course
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This course begins with a two-hour survey of both the Residential Energy Code for Minnesota and the 2020 Commercial Energy Code, including every amendment to the 2018 IECC during its adoption as the basis of the Minnesota Energy Code. 

This is followed by a two-hour portion of the class that focuses on the changes made to the 2020 NEC that most significantly affect the plumbing trade. In some cases, the changes will be to general requirements that would affect all trades that connect equipment or appliances to the electrical system, including changes to Mechanical Execution of Work, Electrical Connections, Terminal Connection Torque, Outlet, Device, Pull, and Junction Boxes, Corrosive Environments, Splash Pad playground water features, GFCI Protection for Fountain Pumps.


  • Approved By: MN Department of Labor and Industry

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Randy Drake is a licensed, master plumber with over 32 years' experience in the industry. He founded a plumbing business in 1993 which he successfully sold in 2013. He currently works for a plumbing company based in Traverse City, Michigan.

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