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This 1-hour class covers the adoption of the 2018 IECC as the basis for the 2020 Minnesota Commercial Energy Code and the concerns raised during its adoption.

The class provides an overview of both residential and commercial energy efficiency codes, then covers how the Energy Code is enforced and how it works with other Minnesota building codes.

The second half of the class looks at every amendment made to the 2018 IECC when adopting its commercial as the basis of the 2020 Energy Code in order to better understand how the national model code has been adapted to conditions in the state.

Lesson 1: 2020 Energy Code Overview & Coordination with Other Codes: A discussion of the commercial provisions of the 2018 IECC were adopted, while residential provisions based on the 2012 IECC were retained. This is followed by a guide on effective use of the energy code, including the different compliance options. The lesson concludes with a survey of the Administrative Rules that form the first part of the 2020 Energy Code.

Lesson 2: Chapter 1323; Minnesota Amendments to the 2018 IECC: A comprehensive look at Minnesota's amendments to the 2018 IECC that are incorporated into the 2020 Energy Code, including five amended definitions, one amendment to Materials Systems, and Equipment, and the numerous amendments to the Energy Efficiency codes in Chapter 4. Amended codes govern the building envelope, service water heating, and system commissioning, but most of the amendments are to IECC codes on HVAC, including Thermostatic Setback, ERV Systems, Dampers in Openings, Duct Construction, and Pipe Insulation Thickness.

  • Approved By: Minnesota DLI

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