North Dakota 8 Hour Electrical CE Course

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This class provides 6 hours code and 2 hours non-code, for a total of 8 hours of CE for North Dakota electricians.

The first module presents every significant change made to Chapter 6 in the 2020 National Electrical Code® (NEC-2020). This Chapter governs electrical connections to specialized equipment. Since this specialized equipment often sees the greatest innovation and most rapid changes of any in the electrical field, it also sees a host of NEC revisions during every code cycle, including the 2017-2020 code review cycle. Next are the significant changes made to Chapter 7, which includes some of the most vital articles in the NEC. From there, the class presents every significant change made to Chapters 8 [Communication Systems and 9 [Tables]. The changes to Chapter 8 now include a “General Requirements” Article for Communication Circuits followed by a substantial revision and reorganization., and a single change in Chapter 9.

The second module presents significant changes made to NFPA 70E during both the 2015-2018 and 2018-2021 review cycles that have transformed it into a genuine companion for NFPA 70, the NEC. Among the major changes covered are the introduction of human error as a safety factor in the new Informative Annex Q and complete overhauls of both Article 110 (General Requirements) and Article 120 (Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition) so that Chapter 1 has essentially become a pull-out training manual for working safely around electricity.

The third module is based on the NDSEB publication North Dakota Laws and Rules related to the 2020 National Electrical Code: This first hour focuses on Article 24.1-06 of Title 24.1, Electrical Wiring Standards, including amendments to NEC Article 110 [General Requirements] and NEC Chapters 2-6 [Wiring and Protection; Wiring Methods and Materials; Equipment for General Use; Special Occupancies & Special Equipment. The module finished with updates to the laws that govern licensed electricians in the state, Title 43-09 and the Administrative Rules in Title 24.1.

  • Approved By: ND State Electrical Board

Instructor Bio

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Charles "Chuck" Price is At Your Pace Online's Subject Matter Expert for the Electrical Trade. He started out in grocery management at the age of 18 and after 5 years decided to venture into the electrical trade in 1996. He served his apprenticeship and quickly became a foreman running work. He gained experience in many facets of the trade such as working on traffic signals, hospitals and healthcare buildings, waste water treatment plants, and many commercial applications including telecommunications data centers. He currently is working for the area's largest healthcare system.
One of his passions is working with kids - and that starts with his own two boys! He has coached youth football and basketball at several levels and is part of a men's organization that raises money for the youth as well. He is a leader in the local 4-H group, helping kids learn about animal science. All in all, Chuck focuses on being the best father he can be, while maintaining a firm grasp on the ever-changing electrical industry.

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