Oregon 4 Hour 2021 OPSC Changes

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This course was created to give the Oregon plumber 4 hours of continuing education on the required topic of code changes.

To start off the course, we provide a brief introduction to the UPC and how our class is organized, going over the purpose of each chapter and appendix. From there, we get into the code changes themselves, which are the updates from the 2015 edition of the UPC to the 2021 UPC. We start with the changes to Chapter 2, which includes the definitions of terms used in the UPC. We go over the new definitions as well as the updates to older definitions here.

From there, we get into the changes to Chapter 3, which governs general regulations. In this section, we go over the updates made to the chapter, such as those made to the minimum standards, and the new dead leg requirement, which is a very important addition to the UPC.

Next are the updates to Chapter 4 of the UPC, which is all about plumbing fixtures. We go over the updates made to this chapter, like those made to the requirements for emergency eyewash equipment. After that are the changes to Chapter 5, which governs water heaters. We cover updates to sections on seismic provisions, repair garages, and gas vents, to name a few.

As we near the end of the course, we go over the changes to Chapter 6, which governs water supply and distribution. We cover the new sections on chemical dispensers, push fit fittings, and check valves. Finally, we finish off the class with the updates made to Chapter 7, which is on sanitary drainage. We cover the significant changes made to this chapter, including the reasons for the updates to give you the entire scope of the change.

Throughout the course are in-text questions designed to test your knowledge as you go. Once you’re finished, you’ll have completed four of the required hours for renewing your license, all at your own pace!

  • Approved By: OR Building Codes Div.

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Chris D'Amato is the instructor and industry expert for Plumbing Trade Courses. With over 25 years experience, he has held a Journeyman Plumbing license since 2001 performing all aspects of plumbing in new construction, light commercial, remodels and service. Chris manages his own multifaceted plumbing shop coordinating a wide range of services from Property Management accounts to plumbing whole subdivisions and providing services to large living facilities for the the State of Oregon. In his tenure at AYPO he has helped thousands of plumbing licensees keep up with their continuing education requirements.

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