Oregon 4 Hour Rainwater Harvesting

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This 4 Hour code-related class is for Oregon licensed plumbers and can be considered as meeting a 4 hour portion of the standard for their renewal requirement as part of 16 hours of Approved Code Related Courses.

It will provide the student with the information specific to the expanding field of Rainwater Harvesting in the state of Oregon. It will achieve this by giving a brief history of Rainwater Catchment and then bringing it forward into today’s environment. The class discusses how these systems are designed and how they function.

The class will discuss the available options for the different types of hardware and then discuss different installation methods as well. Finally, the student will be exposed to some of the actual regulations that exist within the state regarding rainwater harvesting in the state of Oregon.

During the class, the student will remain engaged through the use of both text and videos and will have their growing knowledge base tested through in-text quiz questions.

  • Approved By: Oregon BCD

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Randy Drake Profile

Randy Drake is a licensed, master plumber with over 32 years' experience in the industry. He founded a plumbing business in 1993 which he successfully sold in 2013. He currently works for a plumbing company based in Traverse City, Michigan.

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