TX 8-Hour Package for ACR Contractors

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The first seven hours covers the significant changes made during the 2015-2018 code review cycle to the 2018 International Mechanical Code® (IMC). Each change is discussed for the reason it was made and how it impacts a working HVAC contractor or technician, based in part on the proceedings of the ICC Technical Committees.

The remaining hour of the course looks at recent changes in laws and requirements for licensure in the ACR field, as well as changes in some administrative rules.

  • Course ID(s): 26379, 26380
  • Approved By: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation - HVAC

Instructor Bio


Reggie Hucks is an Inspection Services Administrator for High Point, NC. He has also served as the Code Administrator for Brunswick County and is a Level 3 Mechanical, Building, and Plumbing Inspector. He also is a certified mechanical contractor in North Carolina.

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372 Reviews