Wisconsin 4 Hour Drains, Vents, & Indirect Piping

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This 4-hour course is designed and approve to meet CE requirements for Wisconsin plumbers. In the course, we’ll cover basic plumbing principles, general requirements and standards for plumbing, and important codes to know for drains and vents.

We’ll spend some time going through Subchapter III, covering sanitary drain systems, how to calculate loads on theses systems, and properly connect branch drains, directional changes, and more.

After that, we’ll turn to vents and venting systems, reviewing the general principles before discussing specific situations and appropriate sizing. We’ll discuss drain traps and direct-fixture connections, and the codes that address these in Wisconsin.

  • Approved By: WI DSPS

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Randy Drake Profile

Randy Drake is a licensed, master plumber with over 32 years' experience in the industry. He founded a plumbing business in 1993 which he successfully sold in 2013. He currently works for a plumbing company based in Traverse City, Michigan.

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305 Reviews