How to Renew an Arkansas Electrical License

Written by Kacie Goff

As if the annoyance of needing to renew your electrical license wasn’t enough, the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing (ADLL) migrated its online renewals to a new system recently, a process that has been rife with hiccups. Fortunately, now that the new system is in place, all you need to do is figure out how to navigate it. Once you’re comfortable with the steps, renewing your Arkansas electrical license can be relatively simple.

So whether you’re a master or journeyman electrician in Arkansas, here’s your step-by-step guide to renewing your license with the Board of Electrical Examiners. 

Step 1: Know your renewal deadline and fee

Unlike some other states, Arkansas doesn’t set a fixed expiration date for all of its electrical licensees. Instead, you’ll need to refer to your license to figure out your unique expiration date.

Part of the reason dates vary stems from the state’s relatively unique approach to renewal cycles. When you renew, you’ll have the option to do so for a one, two, or three-year period. The renewal fee you have to pay hinges on the number of years you apply to your renewal.

For master electricians, it’s $50 per year. So if you decide to renew for a single year, you’re looking at $50. Go for the full three-year renewal cycle and you’ll need to come up with $150.

It’s a little cheaper for journeymen: $25 per year, to be precise. So you’ll need to pay $25, $50, or $75 for your renewal, depending on how long you decide to extend your license.  

Long story short, check your license for your expiration date and make sure you budget for the renewal length you want. You might want to mark your expiration date on your calendar, along with a reminder date a month or two in advance so you don’t forget to start the process with plenty of time to spare. 

Step 2: Take your continuing education

As a master or journeyman electrician in Arkansas, the state code requires you to take eight hours of continuing education (CE) during each National Electrical Code (NEC) cycle. 

That can be a little confusing. If you renew for a one-year cycle, does that mean you need to take eight hours every year?

Fortunately, no. Each NEC code cycle is three years long. Right now, Arkansas is operating under the 2017 NEC, for example, but the 2020 NEC has already been published. 

Long story short, keep an eye on when the state adopts a new versions of the NEC, and get your eight hours of CE done in the three years following that. 

The good news is that you can find and take those hours online. That way, you can meet the CE requirement whenever you have time from any location that works best for you. 

Step three: Submit your renewal

Once you have the required CE, you’re ready to renew your Arkansas electrical license online. You’ll do that through the Department of Labor’s online portal. You’ll need your license number to get started. Have a credit card or info for your checking account handy, too, so you can pay your renewal fee online.

Ultimately, when it comes to renewing your Arkansas journeyman or master electrical license, you’ve got options. Assuming you can pay the three-year renewal fee, it’s generally easiest to renew every three years. Just don’t forget to take your CE at some point during each renewal period.