The Easiest Way for GCs to Get Their CE Done

Written by Kacie Goff

As a general contractor, you’re continually juggling a lot. That means that when that reminder to complete your state-required continuing education (CE) pops up, it’s probably the last thing you want to do. But here’s the good news. Getting your CE knocked out can actually be easier and more convenient than you might expect. 

In fact, we’ve got tips you can use to take some of the pain out of this process. Here are three ways to make it easier to get your CE completed this renewal cycle. 

Plan ahead

A big part of what makes CE so annoying is that it always seems to come up at the worst time. You get your reminder notice from your state right when a project is approaching a big deadline or you just found out about a supply chain issue you need to solve ASAP. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Because renewal deadlines are pretty much fixed, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you need to take your CE hours by a specific date. 

To save yourself the headache of trying to squeeze in CE when you’re already slammed, you might want to mark your calendar about six months before your renewal is due. That way, you get a reminder when you still have plenty of time. You can then work on your CE whenever you do get some free time. With enough notice, completing the required hours gets a whole lot less stressful. 

Confirm that it’s state-approved

The absolute last thing you want is to take hours only to find out that they won’t count toward your renewal requirement. You’re busy and you don’t have that time to waste.

To save yourself from that frustration, take a few minutes to double-check that any CE course you’re considering truly aligns with your state’s requirements. Most states specify what your hours need to cover as far as topics are concerned. Beyond that, many states also require you to take those hours from an education provider they’ve already approved.

Long story short, you can’t take your CE just anywhere. To make sure your hours will actually count, vet the potential education provider to make sure you’re not going to be wasting your time.

As an example, we post approval letters from the appropriate state agencies on the bottom of many of our state-focused web pages (check out this Louisana one as a sample). We also maintain a support line so you can easily reach out and confirm state approval if you’re not sure. 

Do it online

This tip will save you the most time and energy when it comes to completing your GC CE. If your state allows, take your hours online (and see this page for the CE needed for your particular state)

That way, rather than driving to some classroom or seminar, you can work on your hours from your home, office, or wherever else is convenient for you.

In fact, we offer hours that aren’t just online but are also on-demand. That means you can access your course 24/7 and chip away at your CE whenever you find the time. We’ve even made our courses mobile-friendly so you could theoretically take your hours in the field. 

As a busy GC, you want to get your CE done as quickly and conveniently as possible. Planning ahead and confirming state approval can streamline the process for you. Then, find online, on-demand courses and make progress when you can. By the time your renewal deadline rolls around, you should be in good shape.