How Do I Renew My Kentucky HVAC License?

Written by Kacie Goff

If you lived in another state, you might not have to think about renewing your HVAC license very frequently. But you live in Kentucky, so renewing your license is an annual requirement. Fortunately, the actual renewal process isn’t too complex, so you certainly have some other states beat there. 

Really, maintaining your active license comes down to doing a few things and planning far enough ahead that you cross those to-dos off your list before the renewal deadline creeps up on you. Wondering what those few things are and what kind of deadline you need to be worrying about? Fret not. We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a journeyman HVAC mechanic or a master HVAC contractor, here’s your guide to quick and easy HVAC license renewal in Kentucky. 

When do I need to renew my Kentucky HVAC license?

After you get through your renewal process the first time, renewing your license gets easier. And that’s not just because you understand the steps involved. You might think that you have a full year from the date you first received your license to renew, but that’s not the case. Whether you’re a journeyman HVAC mechanic or master HVAC contractor, the state requires you to submit your renewal by the last day of your birth month every year. It doesn’t matter if that’s only a month after you first received your license, either, so make sure you stay on top of it. 

By birth month, they mean the month in which you were born. So if your birthday is March 10, your renewal is due by March 31 each year. If you were born September 29, your annual renewal is due by September 30. 

That first year is tricky but once you get through it, your license stays valid for a full calendar year. Just make sure you send in your renewal by the last day of your birth month year after year. 

Now that you know when to renew, let’s talk about how to renew. 

How do I renew my Kentucky HVAC license?

Good news. There are just two steps to renewing your license. 

Step one: complete the required HVAC classes online  

One of the requirements for annual renewal is completing a set number of HVAC continuing education hours. For both journeyman HVAC mechanics and master HVAC contractors, that number of hours is six. Not too crazy, but definitely something that’s a little easier if you plan ahead. 

You can’t just pop into any class to complete these hours, either. You need to take them from an education provider that has been approved by the state. They have a full list you can check out here

There is some good news about these continuing education unit (CEU) providers: they offer HVAC classes online. So instead of having to go sit in a classroom for six long hours, you can take your course at your computer at whatever location is convenient for you. And you don’t need to do it in one sitting, either. You can go through it at your own pace. Put a yearly reminder on your calendar to start your CEU online a few weeks before your renewal is due and you’ll be able to breeze through. 

Once you’ve finished your online continuing education, your course provider issues you a certificate that proves you’ve met the CEU requirements to renew. Hold onto that. You’ll need it in the next step. 

Step two: Apply for your HVAC license renewal

To renew your license, you need to mail three or four things to the state, depending on your license type. They are:

  1. Proof that you completed your 6 hours of HVAC continuing education online (remember that certificate from Step 1?) 
  2. A completed renewal application
  3. The applicable fee for renewal
    1. If you’re a journeyman HVAC mechanic, the fee is $50
    2. If you’re a master HVAC contractor, the fee is $250
  4. (Master HVAC contractors only) Proof of the required insurance, which is $500,000 of general liability coverage and $300,000 of property damage insurance, according to KRS 198B.668

A quick note: you’ll notice that the renewal application asks for eight HVAC continuing education hours at the bottom. But as of the beginning of 2019, that number of required hours changed to six. The form hasn’t been updated yet, but don’t sweat it. You can confirm that you only need six hours in 815 KAR 2:010, Section 2

Ready to submit your renewal application? Make your check out to “Kentucky State Treasurer” and send all the above info that’s relevant for your license type in to:

Public Protection Cabinet

Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction

Division of HVAC

101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601-5412

Again, make sure you send all of this in by the last day of your birth month each year. Do that and you should have no trouble keeping your HVAC license active. 

What happens if I miss my renewal date?

If you miss your license renewal window, your license immediately expires. But there is a sort of grace period. Complete your six hours of HVAC classes online ASAP and send in all your license renewal info within 60 days. Include the added restoration fee ($25 for journeyman HVAC mechanics for a total renewal fee of $75 or $125 for master HVAC contractors for a total of $375) and your application for renewal will still get accepted. 

It’s not an all-out catastrophe if you miss your renewal date, but making sure you file for renewal in time does keep more money in your pocket (and more stress out of your life). If you have a digital calendar you use, set a recurring reminder on the first day of your birth month reminding you to start your renewal process. That way, you have the full month to take your six hours of HVAC continuing education and submit your paperwork to the state so your license renewal is as affordable and easy as possible. 


See? Keeping your Kentucky HVAC license doesn’t have to be a hassle. Sure, you have to deal with it every year but, armed with this guide, you’ll breeze right through.