How Do I Maintain My HVAC License in Texas?

Written by Kacie Goff

Simply securing your Texas HVAC license wasn’t enough. You need to take steps on a yearly basis to keep your license active and in good standing, regardless of your license type. Fortunately, renewing is fairly simple and affordable. Here’s a quick guide with all of the info you need to know to maintain your HVAC license in Texas.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the renewal requirements for all three air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) license types: registered technicians, certified technicians, and contractors. The renewal process is slightly different for each license type, so scroll to yours to learn what you need to know. 

How do I keep my Certified ACR Technician license current?

You need to renew your license annually. But don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you have a huge stack of paperwork to get through on a yearly basis. Instead, you can easily renew your Certified ACR Technician license through the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) website. Head there to start your Certified ACR Technician renewal process. All you need to get started is your license number and social security number.

As you complete your renewal, keep a credit or debit card handy. You’ll need to pay the annual renewal fee (the cost is $35 each year) when you submit your application. The TDLR accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and you can pay your renewal fee online as part of your renewal application. 

How do I maintain my Registered ACR Technician license?

Just like Certified ACR Techs, Registered Technicians needs to renew their licenses on an annual basis. And, again, you can renew online thanks to the TDLR’s online renewal portal. Get started with your Registered ACR Technician renewal before your license expires and you’ll never have to stress about the status of your HVAC license. 

And, good news, as a Registered ACR Technician, you have the most affordable type of HVAC license in the state. Your renewal fee is just $20. You can pay for your renewal with a credit or debit card when you submit your renewal application online. 

How do I keep an active A/C & Refrigeration Contractor license?

While Registered and Certified ACR Technicians simply need to submit their renewal annually along with the required fee, ACR contractors need to take an additional step to maintain their HVAC license in Texas. If you’re a contractor, take note that simply renewing your license online each year isn’t enough. You also need to complete some HVAC continuing education each year. 

Specifically, the TDLR requires that you take eight hours annually. And they can’t be just any hours, either. You have to complete your hours from an education provider that’s approved by the state. If you don’t, your hours won’t count towards your renewal. It’s worth double-checking that your continuing education course is state-approved before you start it so you don’t waste your time. 

Fortunately, finding an approved Texas HVAC continuing education provider is simple. You can find a full list of approved continuing education options on the TDLR website. Click the “Offers Internet Courses” button at the top to sort by providers who allow you take your classes online and at your own pace instead of requiring you to attend a class in person. Completing your Texas HVAC continuing education online makes meeting your renewal requirements easier and more convenient. 

Regardless of which education provider your choose, you’ll get similar content in your courses. The state mandates what providers teach you during your hours. Approved TDLR continuing education in HVAC focuses on Texas laws, rules, and codes that regulate air conditioning and refrigeration, plus other topics that are relevant to you as an ACR professional. In fact, you might even find that completing your courses helps you stay informed about the latest in the industry and supports your professional growth. 

Once you’ve finished your courses, your class provider will issue you a certificate showing that you’ve completed the required HVAC continuing education for Texas ACR contractors. They’ll also submit this information to the state. If you want to see if your continuing education provider has reported your hours, use the TDLR Continuing Education Courses Look Up webpage. Your course provider has seven days to post your courses with the state, after which they should show up on that page. 

On top of completing your eight Texas continuing education hours each year, you also need to submit your renewal application just like Certified and Registered ACR Technicians. You can find and submit your A/C & Refrigeration Contractors Renewal online. And you can pay the required $65 renewal fee within that online renewal process, too. The TDLR takes all major credit cards so you can send in your payment as you submit your renewal online. 

Quick note: you don’t necessarily have to wait until you’ve completed your continuing education hours to submit your renewal. As long as your hours are reported to the state by your license’s expiration date, you’re covered and you’ll be able to maintain your HVAC license in Texas. 

What happens if my online renewal doesn’t work?

While the TDLR offers online ACR license renewal in an effort to make your life easier, technology isn’t faultless. And don’t assume an issue with the online application gets you off the hook. You’re responsible for renewing your license each year. If the online process doesn’t work, contact the TDLR and request a hard copy of the renewal paperwork. Make sure you send it in, along with the relevant fee, on time. (They consider your renewal application on time as long as it’s postmarked on or before the date of your license expiration.)

To prevent stress around renewing your ACR license (especially if you’re a contractor and will need to complete HVAC continuing education), mark a date on your calendar at least a month before your license expires. This gives you plenty of time to sit down at your computer, complete your course hours (if necessary), and submit your application online or by mail. 


Plan ahead and keep these links handy and you’ll have no trouble maintaining your HVAC license in Texas.