How to Renew an Electrical License in Kentucky

Written by Kacie Goff

The Electrical Division of the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction (HBC) differentiates between license types. But whether you have an electrical license, a master electrical license, or an electrical contractor license, you’re going to need to go through the process to renew your license each year.

To make that as easy as possible for you, we outlined all of the steps to renewing an electrical license (EE or ME) or electrical contractor license with the Kentucky HBC. 

Step one: Complete your continuing education

First up, before you can even be eligible for renewal, Kentucky Administrative Regulation says that you need to complete continuing education hours. Specifically, if you have an electrician (EE) or master electrician (ME) license, you need six continuing education hours (which you can start taking now at this link) on one or more of the following topics:

  • Job safety (two hours max)
  • Codes related to the electrical industry
  • Subject matter directly related to the electrical trade

To renew an electrical contractor (CE) license, you also need six hours, but on:

  • Business
  • Job safety (two hours max)

If you have an electrician license and a contractor electrician license, you’ll need to meet both requirements, which means completing 12 hours each year. 

Fortunately, however many hours you need, you can take them online from a state-approved provider. That lets you knock them out whenever your schedule allows from your home, office, or anywhere else.  

Step two: Fill out the renewal application

Once you’ve finished your hours, you can start getting your paperwork done. Luckily, these renewal applications are just one page long and are pretty easy to fill out. 

Here are links to the PDFs so you can easily access your renewal form:

You might recognize that application from when you initially applied for your license. This time around, make sure you check the box for renewal toward the top. 

You’ll have to add some info specific to your license type. Electricians and master electricians, you’ll need to include verification of your work experience. Electrical contractors, the state wants to see proof that you still have the required insurance. 

Step three: Pay the fee and send in the form on time

Make sure you get your form filled out and mailed in by the deadline. Your renewal is due every year by the last day of your birth month. So if you were born on January 1, it’s due January 31 each year. Or if you were born September 28, your renewal is due September 30 every year. 

When you mail it in, make sure you include the certificate(s) of completion for all of your continuing education hours, along with the renewal fee. The fees are:

  • $50 for electrical licensees
  • $100 for master electrical licensees
  • $200 for electrical contractor licensees

Make your check payable to “Kentucky State Treasurer.” Then, send it all into:

Public Protection Cabinet

Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction

Licensing Branch

500 Mero Street

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

With that, the state should renew your license so you can continue working as an electrician throughout Kentucky.