How to Renew a North Dakota Electrical License

Written by Kacie Goff

In North Dakota, you want to make sure you stay on top of renewing your electrical license. If you miss the deadline, you’ll have to pay a reinstatement fee, which will literally double the amount you owe in order to maintain your license.

To avoid that added cost — and added headache — you want to make sure you’ve got the required to-dos completed before your renewal is due each spring. So let’s take a look at each of them. 

#1: Completing continuing education

Before you’ll be able to renew, you need to get eight hours of continuing education (CE). Four of those hours need to focus on the electrical code. 

You also need to get your CE hours reported to the state. The North Dakota State Electrical Board maintains a file that tracks all electrical licensee CE. They won’t let you renew until your record shows you’ve got your eight hours done.

The good news is that getting your hours and getting them reported can actually be pretty easy. The state has approved some CE providers to offer the hours you need online and on-demand. And when you finish those hours, your provider will report them to the state for you. Choosing the right provider gives you the flexibility to work on your hours whenever you have time from any location that you want.  

#2: Meeting the deadline

You can take your CE hours at any point during the year. But a stricter timeline applies when it comes to actually submitting your renewal.

Specifically, journeyman licenses expire every March 31. Master, class B, and power limited licenses expire on April 30 each year. Mark your calendar a few weeks before your expiration date so you have plenty of time to finish your CE and submit everything before the deadline. 

#3: Using the online license renewal portal

The Board uses an online portal to process electrical license renewals. You can access it here

To start your renewal, you’ll need your license number and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Click the “Begin Renewal” button and follow the steps to submit your online renewal application. 

When you sit down to complete this process, have a credit card handy. The state requires you to pay the renewal fee before it will let you finalize your renewal. 

#4: Paying the renewal fee

Assuming you’re getting your renewal in before the deadlines we went over above, the fee isn’t too expensive. Your yearly due to renew your license depends on your license type:

  • It’s $50 for master and power limited renewals
  • It’s $40 for class B renewals
  • It’s $25 for journeyman renewals

If you miss the renewal deadline for your license type, the fee doubles in order to get your license reinstated. 

Fortunately, paying your renewal fee is pretty easy. It will be a step in the online renewal process. The state accepts ​​Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express for your payment. 


To recap, every year, electrical licensees in North Dakota need to complete 8 CE hours, fill out the online renewal form, and pay the renewal fee by either March 31 or April 30, depending on their license type.