What Continuing Education Do Kentucky Plumbers Need?

Written by Kacie Goff

Navigating the Kentucky Division of Plumbing website is a bit of a nightmare. So if you want to learn more about the requirements for your Kentucky plumbing license, you have two options. You can either dig into the relevant state code in all of its 135-page, legalese-filled splendor or you can use this guide. We hope to save you some extensive reading by pulling the information you need to know about your continuing education and license renewal. 

We’ve scanned the most current iteration of the Kentucky State Plumbing Law, Regulations, and Code Book plus recent amendments to gather everything you need to know in one place. Skim this guide and you’ll be up to speed on the continuing education requirements for Kentucky plumbers — and how to meet them. 

When to complete Kentucky plumber continuing education

Your plumbing license expires on the last day of your birth month each year. So if you were born in January, your license expires on January 31 each year. If you were born in September, it expires annually on September 30. You need to renew your license before that date.

Before you can renew your Kentucky plumbing license, you need to do two things:

  1. Complete the required continuing education

  2. Pay the required fee

Theoretically, you should get a renewal notice in the mail about a month before your license expires. Make sure you keep your address updated with the Division of Plumbing so they can get that notice to you. And don’t assume that if you don’t receive your notice, you’re off the hook. Your license will expire with or without a notice showing up in the mail. It’s up to you to complete your continuing education and send in your renewal fee before your license expires.

The number of continuing education hours Kentucky plumbers need

In January of last year, the Department of Housing released new legislation around continuing education requirements. 815 KAR 2:010 mandates that all plumbers have to take six continuing education hours in order to renew their license. 

If you thought the continuing education requirement was still eight hours, don’t worry. Section 1.(3)(a) says you can carry your two extra hours over to next year, meaning you’ll only have to complete four hours in the next renewal cycle. 

The type of continuing education hours Kentucky plumbers need

According to 815 KAR 2:010, master and journeyman plumbers need to take their continuing education hours on any of the following:

  • Business

  • Job safety

  • The Kentucky State Plumbing Code

  • Plumbing trade subject matter

That’s a pretty broad umbrella, but it doesn’t mean you can head to just any classroom and take just any business course to count toward your continuing education hours. You need to take your course from an education provider that the Division of Plumbing has approved. 

Fortunately, they give you plenty of options. You can even take your six hours online, giving you the flexibility to knock out each hour at your convenience. 

Renewing your Kentucky plumber license

Next, it’s time to pay the renewal fee. If you’re a master plumber, your renewal fee is $250. If you’re a journeyman, that fee is just $60. You have some options as far as how to pay the fee. You can choose cash, money order, bank draft, or a certified check. If you choose a check, make it payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer. 

Complete your continuing education and pay your renewal fee before the last day of your birth month to keep your Kentucky plumber license current.