What Electrician Continuing Education Do I Need Based On My Kansas Jurisdiction?

Written by Kacie Goff

If you want to work as an electrician in Kansas, you don’t have to get a license with the state. Don’t start celebrating just yet, though. Even though the state doesn’t oversee trade licenses, many jurisdictions still require electrical professionals to not just hold a license, but also to complete continuing education hours on a periodic basis. 

Specifically, your county or municipality might have guidelines about how you get your electrical license and the number of continuing education units you need to maintain it. Some jurisdictions allow you to take your continuing education hours online while others mandate that you go to a specific location that they’ve approved. 

Let’s look at some of the largest jurisdictions in Kansas and the electrician continuing education in each. 

Sedgwick County 

Whether you work in the city of Wichita or elsewhere in Sedgewick County, you’ll need to work with the county to get your master or journeyman electrician certificate.

Then, in order to maintain your certificate, you need to complete continuing education hours during each renewal period. You need to complete 12 hours, six hours of which need to be focused on electrician-specific topics, and six of which can be general trade education. Fortunately, you can take these hours online

Johnson County

The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners elects a Contractor Licensing Review Board (CLRB) in Johnson County. This board oversees the county-specific license (Class DE) for electricians, as well as the continuing education that’s required for all qualified individuals. You’re required to take eight hours of continuing education per license class in each calendar year.  

In Johnson County, the CLRB doesn’t accredit any online courses. Instead, you need to take your hours from one of these providers

Wyandotte County 

While you do have to meet certain qualifications and pass an exam to get your master electrician license in Wyandotte County, you don’t need any continuing education to keep your license active. 


If you work as an electrician in Topeka, you’re under the city — rather than county — jurisdiction. 

Whether you have a master or journeyman license with the City of Topeka, as a trade contractor, you’re required to finish six hours of continuing education each year before you can renew your license. Three of those hours need to be earned in your trade. You can learn more about the city’s Contractor Training Opportunities on their website. 


The City of Lawrence Contractor Licensing Board mandates that all qualifying parties with a contractor license — including journeyman and master electricians — complete a specific number of continuing education hours. As a licensed tradesperson, you need to finish six hours of continuing education each year. 

In Lawrence, you can’t take your hours online. Instead, you need to choose units from the city’s approved list of Continuing Education Opportunities

Because Kansas manages trade licenses on a local basis rather than with statewide regulation, it can feel confusing to find out exactly which requirements apply to you. If you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to call or email your local governing body. Get the clarity you need to keep your license active.