Vermont Plumbing Continuing Education

Our Vermont plumbing continuing education course is approved by the Vermont Division of Fire Safety - Plumbing Examining Board to meet your continuing education requirements.

Once you finish your course, we provide an official certificate of completion for your records. Learn more about our state reporting service here. We are the first provider approved by the Division of Fire Safety - Plumbing Examining Board to offer online CE. Enroll now to take your CE with us, At Your Pace Online.

CE Requirements to Renew a VT Plumbers License

Master, Journeyman, and Specialist Plumbing Licensees are required to obtain 8 hours of continuing education.


Maybe you’re a journeyman plumber or a master plumber. Or maybe you have a specialist license in a plumbing category. Either way, you probably know that your license doesn’t automatically stay active. Instead, you need to take steps every once in a while to renew your Vermont plumbing license. 

That means doing certain things to satisfy the Division of Fire Safety’s Plumbing Examining Board. Here we’ve rounded up everything you need to do in order to renew your Vermont plumbing license, including meeting the continuing education requirement. 

When renewal is due

You should get a renewal notice in the mail before your expiration date. To make sure you get that notice, it’s important that you keep your current address on file with the Division of Fire Safety. Any time you move, you can use this form (check the “address change” box) to submit your updated information. Make sure you include your license number and check the box below it to indicate that you’re a licensee. 

All that said, even if you don’t get your renewal form in the mail, it’s still your responsibility to submit your renewal on time. Contact the licensing office for a renewal form if you don’t get one or submit your renewal online (instructions below).

If you don’t get your renewal in on time, you get 90 days to renew during which you can pay a $15 reinstatement fee (plus the renewal fee). After the 90-day mark, you have to go before the Board in order to get your license reinstated. 

Now that you know when to renew, let’s look at how to renew

Continuing education requirements for Vermont Master, Journeyman, and Specialist Plumbing Licensees

The biggest task to renew your plumbing license centers around the state’s continuing education (CE) requirements. In order to renew:

  • You need to show the Board that you’ve completed eight hours of CE during this renewal cycle;
  • You need at least two of the eight hours to cover plumbing code review.
  • Electricians are also required to complete the Vermont Energy Goal Education Module which can be done online through the Vermont Division of Fire Safety website.

Fortunately, the Board has greenlit some education providers to offer the eight hours Vermont plumbers need online. Before you take an online course, make sure the provider has approval from the Board.

When you choose online CE, you get the flexibility to complete your hours when your schedule allows, and you can do it from your house, office, or any other location that works for you. 

Submitting your renewal and paying the fee

Once you’ve finished your eight CE hours, you’re ready to submit your renewal application. You can do this online

When you do, you’ll need to pay the relevant renewal fee which varies by license type.

If you’re a master or journeyman plumber with a specialist license, you just need to pay the main license fee. You’re exempt from the specialist license fee. 

Check your license for your expiration date. Then, make sure you knock out your CE and get your renewal submitted before then.

State Of Vermont Plumbing License Renewal Deadlines

  • Your plumbing license expires on the license expiration date, every two years.
Agency Requirements for licensure