Kentucky Complete 6 Hour Plumbing CE Package (6 Hours)

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AYPO offers this 6 hour package to meet the CE requirements for Kentucky Plumbers.

The first section of the course deals with the laws and regulations in Kentucky that dictate how the Kentucky State Plumbing Code is administered, covering the types of licenses and requirements for education, before moving on to the Code.

Changes to the KSPC that we'll review include licensing, permits, and identification requirements. After that, we'll cover regulations for waste pipe systems, house sewers, and medical gas piping installations.

We'll also cover the 22 "basic principles" in the code which are intended to promote sanitary and safety principles for everyone's benefit. Then, we'll continue with revised rules for minimum fixture requirements, school buildings, dorms, workshops, and more.

Finally, we'll turn to the topic of conservation in Kentucky, and look at the International Energy Conservation Code and the paths of compliance with this code.

Section two will start by discussing the six components of a rainwater harvesting system, and the ideal locations for a rainwater collection area. While roofs offer a large catchment areas, the material and style of a roof can impact the efficiency of the collection. We'll discuss which situations are most ideal for collecting rainwater, and which are not effective. We'll finish by talking about the following processes of filtration, screening and diversion of the rainwater, all of which are essential to an effective and useful rainwater harvesting system.

  • Approved By: Kentucky Division of Plumbing

Instructor Bio

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Chris D'Amato is the instructor and industry expert for Plumbing Trade Courses. With over 25 years experience, he has held a Journeyman Plumbing license since 2001 performing all aspects of plumbing in new construction, light commercial, remodels and service. Chris manages his own multifaceted plumbing shop coordinating a wide range of services from Property Management accounts to plumbing whole subdivisions and providing services to large living facilities for the the State of Oregon. In his tenure at AYPO he has helped thousands of plumbing licensees keep up with their continuing education requirements.

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