Minnesota Elevator Continuing Education

Our courses are approved by the Minnesota Deptartment of Labor and Industry to satisfy your Elevator Constructor's license continuing education requirements (DLI education sponsor ID: #S1672153).

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CE Requirements to Renew a MN Elevator License

Master Elevator Constructor & Limited Master Elevator Constructor Licenses expire at the end of February every odd numbered year.

Registered Unlicensed Elevator Constructor license expires at the end of the month that licensure was obtained.

Journeyman Elevator Constructor & Limited Journeyman Elevator Constructors license expires every 2 years from the date of issue.


License Type

Continuing Education (CE) Hours Required

# Hours on MN Elevator Code or Elevator Technology

# Hours on National Electrical Code

Master Elevator





Journeyman Elevator





Limited Master





Limited Journeyman

Elevator Constructor




Registered Unlicensed Elevator Constructor (RC)





MN 16 Hour Package for Master and Journeyman Elevator Constructors

16 Hour Course $ 320.00

This 16 Hour Package provides Master and Journeyman Elevator Constructors with all the continuing education credits required by the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industries to renew your license. This package includes 6 hours on 2015 Elevator Code Changes, 4 hours on Amendments to the IBC Chapter 30, 2 Hours on Elevator Technology and 4 hours on NEC code updates. 

MN 8 Hour Limited Elevator Constructor Package

8 Hour Course $ 165.00

This package will provide the full 8 hours needed by Limited Master and Journeyman Elevator Constructors to renew their license. It covers changes to the elevator code and the 2017 NEC.

MN 6 Hour 2015 Elevator Code Change Course

6 Hour Course $ 150.00

Drawing from the deliberations of ASME Technical Committees and concerns expressed by industry experts. this class discusses the reasons behind every significant change to ASME A17.1-2010, the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, and how these changes affect elevator constructors in Minnesota.

MN 4 Hour Amendments IBC Chapter 30

4 Hour Course $ 110.00

This class comprehensively surveys the 2015 Minnesota Elevator Code, from licensing and state building codes to many of the central and most widely used requirements from ASME A17.1-2010, the Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (with a special focus on Minnesota amendments and those requirements covered in the Minnesota elevator constructor licensing exam).

MN 2 Hour 2017 NEC Chapter 3 and 4

2 Hour Course $ 60.00

With a special focus on those Sections covered in the Minnesota elevator constructor licensing exam, this class presents essential 2017 NEC, Chapter 3 Articles that provide varied & explicit directions for safe and reliable electrical wiring and Chapter 4, which gives similarly explicit directions for connecting equipment.

MN 2 Hour Elevator Technology Class for Elevator Constructors

2 Hour Course $ 60.00

This class will present a survey of some of the latest developments in elevator technology (with a glance to the future), with a special emphasis on how these developments affect elevator constructors.

MN 2 Hour 2017 NEC Chapter 1 and 2

2 Hour Course $ 60.00

This class will present some of the most widely applied and critical Articles in the 2017 NEC from the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 (considered essential building block Chapters), with a special focus on the NEC Sections covered in the Minnesota elevator constructor licensing exam.

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