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OK 4 Hour Commercial Roofing Course

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This CIB-approved class provides a wide-ranging survey of the codes and rules, important considerations, and safe work practices relevant to Registered Commercial Roofing Contractors in Oklahoma. Where possible, codes and rules are accompanied by the considerations of the Technical Committees that adopted the rules and how they affect roofing contractors. The class ends with a review of roofing maintenance and repair and a hands-on guide to workplace safety for roofing contractors. The class fulfills the 4-hour CE requirement during each three-year renewal of an Oklahoma Commercial Roofing Endorsement.

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Education Requirements for OK Commercial Roofing Contractors

All qualifying parties of commercial roofing contractors, beginning 3 years from the date he or she passed their current endorsement exam, are required to:

  • Complete 4 hours of approved CE
  • Complete their CE during the 36 months preceding their license expiration

Oklahoma State Approval Letters

State of Oklahoma 

Construction Industries Board

June 29, 2020 


1383 2nd Ave 

Gold Hill, OR 97525 



COURSE TITLE: OK 4 Hour Commercial Roofing Course 


INSTRUCTOR(S): Melvin, Mike 

DATES: 6/18/2020 - 6/ I 8/2021 


RE: Continuing Education for Roofing Contractors 

Your request for four hours of continuing education credit covering OK 4 Hour Commercial Roofing Course has been reviewed and approved. 

It is required that individuals completing the course be provided a Document of Completion (copy attached) certifying completion of the course. 

You MUST use the Course Identification Number located in this letter on all correspondence and documents of completion pertaining to this course. 

Please note, at a separate application must be submitted for each date, or dates, that constitute a single course. Each course is assigned an individual identification number. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please cal I the Roofing Divisional ( 405) 521-6550.


Amanda Riley 

Roofing Division Secretary 



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