Minnesota Contractor Continuing Education

We are a Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry-approved online continuing education provider (DBPR provider ID is 0005624; CILB CE provider license number is PVD1291).

Complete your continuing education to renew your MN contractor license today. All of our courses can be completed At Your Pace Online to help you meet the state's requirements to maintain your license. Once you finish your class, we'll give you an official certificate of completion to save for your records, and we will report your course completion to the state for you.

CE Requirements to Renew MN Residential Contractor or Building Official Licenses

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) lays out very clear continuing education (CE) guidelines for a variety of license types, including residential contractors and building officials:

Residential builders (QB), remodelers (QC), and roofers (QR) 

  • If you have a QB, QC, or QR license and you’re the qualifying person, the state requires that you take 14 hours of CE in order to renew your registration every two years. 
  • Of the 14 hours, you need two code-focused hours: one on residential energy codes or residential energy conservation measures and one on residential construction business management strategies. Your remaining 12 hours can be non-code, but they still need to focus on the latest federal and state regulations and/or industry-specific topics (like workforce safety). 

Certified building officials

Building officials also have a two-year certificate period, which means they need to complete their CE hours on a biennial basis. The hours you need can be either code or non-code, but make sure you’re taking the appropriate number of hours for your specific license type. The DLI requirements are as follows:

  • Building official (BO): 38 hours
  • Building official limited (LB): 38 hours
  • Accessibility (AS): 6 hours


Agency Requirements for licensure